Sunday, 9 April 2017

Embolden travel and conversations


Simon in front of the Golden Buddha at the temple of Wat Traimit, Bangkok

Simon in front of the Golden Buddha
at the temple of Wat Traimit, Bangkok

I visited Thailand in March after years of hesitation assuming it would be too hard to get around with a mobility scooter, not to mention emotionality tiring if people overreacted to a short man wandering around. Although not easy, access was ok for me and people weren't especially interested. We spent a few days in Bangkok visiting Royal Palaces, street markets and a terrifying rooftop bar! Then we went to Khau Lak for sunshine and beach time. The world is smaller, difference is everywhere and thankfully most people were polite and helpful. A few couldn't resist taking out their phones to take a photo of me and for once, I decided not to try to control this and gradually I started to not even care. The photo to the right was taken with permission, and I don't think I could look more like a tourist if I'd tried.

Disability and comedy

A new book about disability and comedy has been published, featuring contributions from the Abnormally Funny People team. It's titled 'Seriously FunnyDisability and the Paradoxical Power of Humor'. The publishers notes say the book is 'Exploring a paradox, Shawn Bingham and Sara Green show how humor has been used both to challenge traditional views of disability and to reinforce negative stereotypes and social inequalities. Seriously Funny ranges from ancient Greek dramas to medieval courts jesters to contemporary comedy, from stage performances to the experiences of daily life. Rich with insights into issues of identity and social stratification, it offers an eye-opening perspective on attitudes toward disability across the ages.'

For your listening pleasure

Soon after coming back from Thailand, I was in the studio recording two podcasts. Maybe it was the holiday, maybe it was the guests or maybe the topics, but both shows are rather special in their own different ways. If you fancy a change from your current reading or want something to listen to in the car, whilst keeping fit or on the commute, why not give them a try?

BBC Ouch show discusses T4 in disability history, when the Nazi's killed disabled people. There's fantastic music from Holy Moly & The Crackers.

BBC Ouch talkshow  'Behind the Scenes'

L-R Nicola Werenowska, Stephen Unwin, Kate Monaghan, Simon Minty in the BBC Radio studio.

BBC Radio Studio L-R Nicola Werenowska, Stephen Unwin, Kate Monaghan, Simon  

The Phil & Simon Show talks identity politics, is there creep of the 'non-disableds' talking on behalf of disabled people? When should someone share? And if that's not enough, it ventures in to the minimum wage and learning disabled people debate. Inevitably, voices are raised and tables are thumped.

The Phil & Simon Show  'Where Angels Fear to Tread'

L - R Phil Friend and Simon Minty taken with a selfie stick with a bookshelf in the background.

L - R Phil Friend and Simon