Saturday, 4 March 2017

Happy Talk

A brief update, promoting the two podcasts I co-host.

First up, BBC Ouch with my co-host Kate Monaghan. This month was a lot of fun to record, we were in a mischievous mood and our guests joined in. We talk serious stuff though, diets to 'cure' your impairment, ADHD, ADD, chimps with Down Syndrome. OK, that last one wasn't as serious.

Secondly, The Phil & Simon Show with my co-host and former business partner, now great friend, Phil Friend. We grapple with the latest disability and wider world issues with varying success. My favourite bit is Phil's reaction when I tell him I'm reading Andrew Neil's book, which finishes around 1997 when Tony Blair becomes Prime Minister. My mum's impartial and piercingly accurate review of this show was 'I see why you call it the PHIL & Simon Show as Phil talks a lot and you try and get a word in.'

You can subscribe to both via iTunes or Audioboom. And do leave a comment or get in contact as it's great to hear from listeners.

Next blog will report back on my trip to Thailand. Excited, what an amazing thing to do, apprehensive, will I be able to get around?

Pic of Natasha Lipman, Simon Minty and Kate Monaghan in BBC Studio
L-R Natasha Lipman, Simon Minty, Kate Monaghan