Friday, 9 December 2016

Walking on Sunshine

The hip is working well. I did trip over the other day... As I was walking, I felt my trousers slipping down a little. I reached behind to pull them up forgetting that my walking stick was in the same hand. The stick got caught between my shins and down I tumbled. There was a weird sensation in my new hip, just for a moment. Almost like a twang but much softer. As someone who has poor balance tripping is perfectly normal to me and my well honed skills of arms out, fall in to a press up position prevented any physical harm. I got up and thirty seconds later all was fine. This new walking lark is amazing and complicated.

Work is busy. I've run a lot of training events with media organisations such as All3Media, Endemol Shine and Warner Bros, some via Indie Training Fund. Really enjoyable courses, either discussing employment and adjustments or getting deep in to portrayal of disability on TV with people who make the shows. Those I met know how to do it, sometimes they just need more confidence or clarity. Had an enjoyable international afternoon with Facilities Managers from the British Council Estates team discussing how they can make their premises more accessible in very different countries.

In November, there was a big conference on branding, advertising, design and media at Kings Place and I was chuffed to be asked to speak at it. Soon after, I spent the day with Channel 4 execs as part of a talent day (thank you 104 Films and Laurence Clark). Great to hear about the different strands, marketing methods and eye opening too as to how it works and what they want - disability wise? Drama and comedy. We go back in January aiming to present some ideas.

Come December and I hosted an event for Purple Space for the launch of their Purple Stories guide, on how to tell your story. The event was packed which is a testament to Kate Nash and her success in bringing people to together and ongoing development of staff networks.

The podcasts come thick and fast. BBC Ouch every month of course and I'm now on their team page which is kinda cool. It was also a technological nightmare to do (thanks for perservering Beth). Plus there's the shooting from the hip, post expert, post truth, unscripted mutterings of me and good friend Phil Friend. One listener said the show should be re-titled Grumpy Old Men do Disability, fair point.

Links below and a pic of me getting ready for 'purple talk'.

Simon, sitting down, is wearing a back suit and purple shirt. His left hand is cupped as to mime talking.
Simon Minty at Purple Space event 8th Dec 2016

BBC Ouch   Sisters Together for Ever

This disability talk show was all about siblings of someone with a disability. What's is it like for the one without?

Phil & Simon Show   Everybody Knows

Phil and Simon, good friends, differing politics, a shared commitment to disability equality discuss Trump, Brexit, British judiciary, genetic screening and using a disability to cover up a character trait you don't want. There's a discussion of the already missed Leonard Cohen's lyrics.