Thursday, 22 September 2016

Hip Hip Away....

On 18th July 2016, I had a total hip replacement operation. I had been avoiding surgery for ten years mostly as I knew anaesthetic for people with my form of dwarfism (SEDc) can have complications. I was lucky to find a fantastic surgeon, a top notch anaesthetist and awesome orthopaedic surgical care practitioner. That was nine weeks ago... I now have better mobility and the original pain has gone. It gets better each day.

During my rehabilitation I stopped working, however, I did record a couple of podcasts. Forgive my crowing but both shows are a treat! Maybe that's because I was the nice side of the operation and therefore euphoric....or maybe it's the medication. What happens is all sorts of half formed thoughts  fly from my mouth and the lovely people I do the shows with work their magic. I hope you enjoy them.

BBC Ouch (59 mins) 

- losing it with 'I live in a bucket' news story 
- when the little voice in your head is Louis Walsh
- that some wear a badge to say they need help whilst others (like me) are offered help all the time

BBC Ouch show link  (opens in a new window) 

BBC Ouch Disability Talk logo
BBC Ouch Disability Talk logo

Phil & Simon Show no. 5    (41 mins) 

- Olympics and the Daily Mail
- my surgery and recovery 
- Asda (supermarket) new toilet signage
- a dodgy joke at the's not the BBC you see 

Phil and Simon Show link   (opens in a new window)

Black and white x-ray of Simon's hips, showing thin thigh bones

X-ray of Simon's hips. Sorry, you can't un-see this!

Simon is on the left, Phil on the right and a microphone is on the table in between them
Phil and Simon

If you've read this far, thank you. As well as the euphoria of being alive post op, I've also been a bit melancholy which I guess is natural. One way I 'enjoy' the downside is to listen to sappy music. I'm old enough to remember this when it came out and I still think it is a belter of a song. Surely we all can relate to the lyrics, about someone you once loved. So here it is, Air Supply's All Out of Love. Turn it up loud!